How to control Diabetic by taking diet with follow diet chart and solution for fit health

How to control Diabetic by taking diet with follow diet chart and solution for fit health

How to control Diabetic by taking diet with follow diet chart and solution for fit health

Nowadays diabetic is a common but major problem in all over the world. Diabetic is very common nowadays. In diabetic, blood sugar levels are high for a long time. High blood sugar levels lead to frequent urination, thirst and increased appetite. Because of diabetic, a person's pancreas does not make enough insulin. If these conditions continue for a long time, the patient is at risk of contracting various diseases.

Blood sugar level depends on what types of food we are taking and what kinds of physical exercise we take. Some food should avoid reducing diabetic and some food should take to control blood sugar diabetic. Here i will discuss about those food and create a diet chart for blood sugar diabetic patients.


Blood Sugar level chart here.

                                                          Normal                     Pry-Diabetic                         Diabetic

Empty Stomach                                <5.5                             5.5 - 7.0                                  <7.0

After taking food                             <7.8                             7.8 - 11.1                                <11.1

HbA1c                                               <6.0                            6.0 - 6.4                                  <6.4


Take those foods for blood sugar diabetic patient.

Take those foods for blood sugar diabetic patient.

Diabetics patient should think about eat fresh fruits and more vegetables. If a diabetic patient fail to do this, his problem will increase day by day and he must fall in danger which may fatal.


In all over the world diabetic Patients firstly start to take medicines but where in this stage they should conscious about taking food and exercise. Because if a person take high calories food, he cannot control diabetic by taking medicine. First he should control food, take exercise and then take medicine to control diabetic.


Let's see what types of food should take diabetic patient.


BANANA: We know banana contain huge amount of carbohydrate. Banana is perfect diet for diabetic patient. But a restriction for diet that diabetic patient should not eat full of banana at a time. They can eat half banana for control diabetic.

APPLE: An apple is a doctor. Apple is full in antioxidants. It's very helpful to down our cholesterol level and improve our digestion properly. Diabetic patient should eat one (if small size) or half an apple a day for diet.

GUAVA: Guava is very useful for diabetic patient. It is full of vitamin-A, vitamin-C and huge of fiber. It contains a very low sugar. A diabetic patient can eat a guava for diet.

PEARS: Pears are the natural source of various vitamin and useful fiber for human body. It is very necessary fruit which is eaten by diabetic patient. Pears fruit is full of essential nutrients and it stores a less amounted sugar. It show very little glycemic index, so the diabetic patient should take it.

JAMBURA: Jambura fruits are very beneficial for all kinds of people especially for diabetic patient. It is full of vitamin-c and other vitamins which is very helpful for diabetic patient. It helps to decrease blood sugar. For this as a diabetic patient you can take it.

Lemon: Lemon contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Lemon is great source of vitamin c. This is very healthy juice for diabetic patient.


Avoid food list for diabetic patients.

Avoid food list for diabetic patients.

It is proved that diabetic patient become hungrier than other people. So it's very important for diabetic patient to control diet properly. It is important for diabetic to abstain from diet. A diabetic patient should take proper diet and exercises which can control our diabetic for a long time.

Some fruits and vegetables which contain high sugar & carbohydrate that not for diabetic patient. Diabetic patient should avoid those fruits and vegetables. Also this some juice item such as grape, Cherrie, pineapple, banana, mango, jackfruit, orange, water melon, dried fruits like dates and sweet fruit should delete 

Diabetic patient's food list.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is very sweet and testy fruit. A small size grapefruit carried more than 1 gm carbohydrate. For this diabetic patient should avoid these types of fruit.

Grape and Cherry: Grape and Cherry is looking very small fruits but tested sweet. Like grape a cherry also contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrate. So that a diabetic patient avoid to take it in a large quantity.

Pineapple: Ripe pineapples are this fruit which is the high source of sugar. We all know sugar is harmful for diabetic patient.  For this pineapple is must avoided by diabetic patient. Occasionally in small amount of pineapple is dangerous for diabetic patient.

Mango and Jackfruit: A modern size of ripe mango carries on more than 25-30 gm of carbohydrate and high amount of sugar. Jackfruit is also same. This fruits can raise our blood sugar level which is bad for diabetic patient. So diabetic patient should avoid this or eat a small amount.

Extra dry fruit: Diabetic patient, please don't take extra dry fruits. Extra dry fruits mean dates, dry grape, raisin, nut, cashew nut etc. Especially dry fruit like raisin and sugar, chocolate, cake, brisket, sos etc are available in local market must be avoided. This is not for diabetic patient.

Juice item: All sweet fruits juice item is not allowed for diabetic patient. Some fruit juice which is containing vitamin c like lemon is allowed for them. Take small amount of fruit, accept fruit juice.


Diet chart for diabetic patient.


Diet chart for diabetic patient.

Diabetic is such a disease which cans you control only. You cannot remove it from your body. For control diabetic first step is to change your food habit and also your lifestyle. Otherwise you must fail to control diabetic. Diabetic is called a metabolic disease. This converts our food into glucose and distribute it our body by using blood. The hormone insulin which is in our body converts glucoses into energy. Diabetic causes when our body is fail to make sufficient insulin or our body cannot distribute that insulin perfectly. As a result our body cannot convert sugar and other food into energy which we take.


A person's food diet depend on his/her blood-sugar level, daily routine, regular exercise habit and his/her body condition. A diabetic patient's diet minimum consist of (60+) %carbohydrate, (20+) %healthy fat and (20+) % protein. Diabetic patient should take 1500to1800 calories in a day. It is essential for diabetic patient to take minimum 2 pcs of seasonal fruits and two or three types of fresh vegetables in every day. Non-vegetable food like red meat is not allowed for diabetic patient. Diabetic patient should follow the diet chart which is given below.


..A tea spoon of fenugreek powder or barley that is soaked at night, take it firstly when you wake up at morning. This is very helpful for diabetic patient to control diabetic.


..Than after maximum one hour diabetic patient can take 2-3 pcs sugar free biscuits with sugar free tea (green tea) and another light snacks.


..For breakfast diabetic patient can take some sprouted grain and a medium size glass of non-skim milk or some oatmeal with brown bread. Otherwise a diabetic patient can take two medium size paratha (without oil) and fresh vegetable as you wish, wheat bread and milk without cream for their breakfast.


..Eat half of guava, half of apple, orange or some papaya, some cucumber or puffed rice before lunch. This is very helpful for diabetic patient to control diabetic.


..For lunch a diabetic patient can eat two wheat bread, four cup of fried rice, a cup of dal, one pcs medium size fish/ two pcs small size meat, vegetables as you wish and a plate of salad ( cucumber & carrot ).


..At evening a diabetic patient need something for eat. Because of empty stomach is dangerous for them. At evening they can take without sugar (green tea) and sugar free biscuits or any kinds of baked snack.


..For dinner a diabetic patient can eat two-three wheat bread and vegetables as he/she wishes. Before 30 minute of going bed they can eat one fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder with some of warm milk.


As a diabetic patient you should remember that point.


..If you are a diabetic patient, you must take food in short interval. Eat again and again in short interval because over eating can increase sugar level very quickly. This is dangerous for diabetic patient.


..Divide your daily meal in five parts and take small amount in every time. Diabetic patient need to take more fiber added food for diet. Fiber added food such as wheat bread is full of carbohydrate which is absorbed in our blood very slowly.


..Vegetable: As a vegetable a diabetic patient can take Bitter Gourd, Fenugreek powder, Spinach, Turnip, Eggplant, Tindal, Gourd, Radish, Buckwheat, Tomato, Cabbage, Black Gram, Bean and Green vegetables. For reduce weakness a diabetic patient can eat Coconut, Peanut, Cashews, Issabgul, Curd Buttermilk etc.


Taking green tea in 2 times a day is highly beneficial for diabetic patient. The antioxidants which are present into the tea keep a person healthy. Though green tea or red tea, it should be taken without milk & sugar.


This lifestyle should follow for diabetic patient.


This lifestyle should follow for diabetic patient.

Diabetic patient should take special care about their diet beside their lifestyle. A bad lifestyle can damage his/her life. Let’s search out the lifestyle what should a diabetic patient adopting.


  • Walk minimum 30 to 40 minutes daily at morning or evening.
  • Take some physical exercise in daily.
  • Be very conscious about taking food.
  • Take enough sleep and rest.
  • Take very special care about your leg.
  • If possible do yoga regularly.
  • Lead a stress free, cheerfully life.
  • Must avoid all kinds of alcohol and smoke.
  • Must take doctor advice every after 3 months.


Remember that without exercise it is impossible to control diabetic. Beside exercise you should follow your daily diet. Diabetic is mother of all disease. Diabetic is very slow effective disease. So everyone should very careful about this.

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