Natural Hair Fall Solution

 Natural and Home made Solution for Hair Fall


    Nowadays hair fall is a very common problems in all over the world. It's very necessary to take treatment or proper step as early as possible. Our lifestyle and diet is so bad that it affect our hair directly. The effect of nature and reaction of  chemicals affect our hair, which is the main cause of hair fall. 

    We can take home made solution for hair fall problem. If hair fall is become a common cause,  home made solution can be the perfect solution. The earlier we take step to prevent hair fall or treatment for hair fall, the quicker hair fall will solve. In fact, we ignore hair fall problem at first, so we can not take treatment in right time. But we should take hair fall solution as quick as possible. Due to un-time hair fall, people become  looking over age than their  actual age, as a result people fall under serious stress.

    It's very important to know for us that  the actual cause of hair fall before using hair fall medicine or home made solution for hair fall problem. When we know about the actual cause of hair fall, we will able to take the perfect step to reduce hair fall problem.


What do you mean by hair fall?

 Hair fall! we called it a common problem for everyone. Not a single person who don't face the hair fall  problem. Many of people who lose hair so early that they badly needed transplant hair treatment. Usually the expert said that  40-60 hair fall in a day is normal condition, but if more fall we called it hair fall. Before baldness we can try home made solution for reduce hair fall. But we know that two major reason for hair fall or baldness. However, usually hair fall problem start almost after  30 years for both in men and women.

For men, it is called male baldness and women called androgenetic alopecia.

The major cause for hair fall.

Usually we called the major reason for hair fall is imbalance diet, bad lifestyle gender and drug effect etc.  Let's try to discus about why and how it responsible for hair fall.

  • Medicine effect:  


 When a person become ill for long time like 2 or 3 months or face a major surgery hair fall is normal cause for him. For long time illness he/she face lot of stress. On the other side take lot of medicine and lack of food and portions . His metabolism does not work properly. As a result he/she face hair fall problem for this time.

  • Hormonals effect: 


The hair fall problem can also show after frequent change in hormone level especially for women.  When a women give birth a new born baby, she face huge change in her body. She have no capacity to maintain hormone level  after give a birth in this stage she face hair fall problem. 

  • Drug effect:

 The  diseases like Thyroid,  Sex Hormone, Lack of nutrition, Zinc, Protein, Biotin etc. imbalance can be the cause for hair fall problem. Unnecessary taking antibiotic is the another cause for hair fall. In often time we take antibiotic without any doctors concern. This is very harmful for our health especially for hair.

  • For women: 


  Most of the women in our country face lack of protein and nutrition. Because we are careless for them and most of them are not take enough food. This lakes create when a women face heavy  bleeding in her menstrual time if she abstain from taking food. In this stage they don't take water and other liquate. Result it create negative for their body and create hair fall.

  • Fungus effect:


The effect of scalp fungus, our hair can fall. We go outside in all time without any protection. Dust and heavy sunlight fall in our head without any obstacle. When our head sweat, it create fungus. Fungus, Dust and UV ray are direct responsible for hair fall.

  • Other cause: 


 Ayurveda said beside this a lot of reason for hair fall problem. Eating extra salt, Mental stress, virus infection, hormonic, lack of nutrition, vitamins and  drug effect, wrong hair care, wrong shampoo, insufficient water taking etc. are the cause for hair fall problem.

Whatever the causes for hair fall, the proper home made solution can recover the hair fall problem, create possibility to grow new hair. 

The way for stop hair fall.

According to our latest science, this factor may cause for hair fall-

  • Fungal attack
  • Lack of vitamin-A Drug overdose
  • Thyroid problem
  • Mental stress
  • Radiotherapy for cancer Chemotherapy
  • Steroid use etc.

But if we are conscious in time and take proper treatment beside home made treatment, we can reduce hair fall problem.

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